Friday, August 22, 2008

Wedding Samples 8.22.08

Molly & Eric's Wedding

Erin's Wedding Shower

Marcia & James Wedding

Chris & Lindsey's Wedding

These invitations were mailed in a square clear envelope and
had pink/silver wedding confetti inside of it. There was a
big pink ribbon tied in a bow through the hole in the top.

Amber & Eric's Wedding

Natalie & Deric's Wedding

Chevonne & Jeff's Wedding
These invitations were put into a hot pink pocket folder. The
bride tore the edges all the way around the main invitation to give
it a rough white border all the way around. The round label sealed
the pocket folder closed and was mailed in a white announcement envelope.

Kim & Michael's Wedding

Molly & Matthew's Wedding

The first design that I did for this bride was a seal-n-send type of
invitation. She changed her mind and went with a more standard layout
that you can see below. This design had a perforated RSVP postcard
as well as a label designed to seal it closed.

The design that this bride used had a thin red ribbon tied through the
holes on the invitation in a knot. She used the same matching
ribbon/knot on the program. (Photos to come)

Heather & Sam's Wedding

Engagement photography by Moseley Photography

Engagement Photography by Moseley Photography
Photo of program was taken by Moseley Photography

Chelsea & Sam's Wedding

Jennifer & Dana's Wedding

Christy & Kevin's Wedding

Jacqueline & Louis's Wedding
Engagement photography by Andrea Bibeault

Amber & Ryan's Wedding

Audry & Dru's Wedding

Courtney & Andy's Wedding

Wedding photography by Richmond Photography

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