Thursday, February 10, 2011

Awesome Customer Feedback... gotta love it :)

I always enjoy those emails where a customer is raving about your work! My goal is to give a bride everything she was hoping for and more. I mean, that's why they trusted ME with their wedding invitations, right? Well, I just received this email from a bride whose wedding invitations I dropped in the mailbox just this weekend. She included a photo and all!

"So far, the response has been bananas!  Everybody LOVES the RSVP!  I should start seeing some in today/tomorrow’s mail! I am keeping a scrapbook of all the responses…  I thought it was so fun, I have to keep them all!" -- Rebecca S.

And here's a terrible picture taken with my phone of Rebecca's invitations all ready to be dropped off at the Post Office :) I always like to send them a little note to let them know I'm on my way. And her response to my picture message: 

"OMG…. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to start getting RSVP’s back!!!!! Thank you so much… you have no idea what a stress-free process you have made this for me!!!!" -- Rebecca S.

And yes, she really did have THAT many explanation points! :) I'll post some better photos and share all the details with you later. 

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maritem said...

Your work is definitely the best Courtney!! You should be very proud of yourself, I cannot tell you how much easier you made my life doing all the wonderful things you did for my daughters wedding. I just can't wait to get the pics for you!!! Everything you created was a hit and now we are going to be working together again on baby shower invites!!!! I love it and I am soooo excited!!!! Thank you for being you!