Monday, September 12, 2011

There's a baby on the way...

My dear friend and daycare provider is having a beautiful baby girl in October. When she told me that she was having a baby shower and she wanted me to do her invitation, I was THRILLED! #1 -- I love getting to do anything baby girl -- because our house is ALL boy. And #2 --- well, it was Jessica... I would need to pull out the big guns!

Here's the invitation

The shower was this last Saturday -- and thanks to Pinterest --- I got the fun idea to make monthly onesies for baby Grace to have her photo taken in each month. Well, if you know me.... I wasn't just going to order stickers from another designer on Etsy and put them on a onesie... I was going to design, print and iron those suckers on myself!!! And you better believe that's JUST what I did :) 

What a great photo op AND a great way for me to incorporate the design on her invite (which Jessica LOVED) into the gift I was going to give her.

They turned out beautiful! Here are the pics:

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FrenchsLS said...

Courney is amazing! I love everything she does and am so happy with how she incorporated Grace's nursery theme in the invites. The onsies are insane! They are so darling I almost started crying when I opened them.-Thank You Courtney!