Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Once the boxes are unpacked...

Have you moved lately? Thanks to facebook, twitter, four square and even myspace (for those of your even still using it)... you may not see a need to send out the old fashioned Moving Announcements anymore. Well, if you're like me... your grandmas are still using snail mail and you really just look for any excuse to send a cute card to your closest friends and family.

I recently designed these Moving Announcements for my friend Marla M. You'll have to scroll down under the pictures to see which one she actually chose :)

So?? Which one do you think she went with?? Well, after much deliberation (and a little bit of decision help on my end), Marla chose the first option with the blue and green whimsical floral background. Enjoy Marla! And thanks for giving me the opportunity!

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