Sunday, March 27, 2011

Postage rate increase in April

Did you know postage rates are going up in April??

Starting on April 17th, USPS postage rates will be increasing across a range of denominations. While the one-ounce first class stamp will remain at $0.44, several other postage values will be changing.

New USPS Postage Rates
Postcard - $0.29
1st Class, 1oz. - $0.44
1st Class, 2oz. - $0.64 (This is your common wedding invitation postage)
1st Class, 1oz. Odd Size - $0.84
1st Class, 3oz. - $0.84
1st Class, 3.5oz. - $1.05
1st Class, 4oz. - $1.48
Priority, Flat Rate Envelope - $4.95


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